South Haven Sunny Brook RV Resort

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you rent out RV sites or are they for purchase only?
We rent sites daily, weekly and monthly.

2. What other cost will we have besides the purchase price?
You will have association fees of $1500.00 per year. Additionally real estate taxes are projected to be $1,600 – $2,300 a year.

3. What does my association fees cover?
The association fee covers your water, sewer, Wi-Fi, maintenance of the sprinkler system on your site, cutting, trimming and blowing off your site weekly, curbside trash pickup, care and maintenance of the common areas including the nature trail, beach, clubhouse, pool/hot tub, bathhouse and laundry.

4. When are my association fees due?
Fees are due twice a year, each payment represents half the fee. 1/2 due January 1st and the balance is due July 1st.

5. What cost may we expect at closing?
The condominium association collects two-month dues $250 for the reserve and replacement fund. The condominium fees are pro rated for the balance of the year and paid at closing. Typical closing cost of buyer and sellers are applied at closing.

6. Is the resort open year round?
The resort is open and staffed from April 15 through October 31st.

7. When I own a site may I leave my RV on the site all winter?
Yes, you may leave your RV on the site year-round if you wish.

8. When I own my site may I place a storage building on the site?
Yes, coach houses are allowed and available from the resort. The buildings are uniform throughout the resort in appearance. Please ask for current cost.

9. When I own my site may I make additional enhancements to my site?
Yes, we encourage and value additional enhancements to your site to meet your personal needs and taste. All proposed enhancements must be reduced to a written plan and sketch, submitted to the Architectural Review Committee any enhancements are added.

10. If I am not in the resort using my RV site may I rent it out?
The resort staff handles all the rentals and you may place yours in a revolving list to rent out daily, weekly or monthly. The resort charges a 30% fee for providing all the services of rental and site cleanup.

11. May we have guest visitors?
Owners visitors are not charged to visit.

12. May we have pets?
Pets are allowed, but no more than two non-aggressive dogs unless a written request is granted. Pets must not roam free.

13. When we purchase do we receive a deed for our site?
Yes the site will be conveyed to you with a warranty deed and title insurance.